Admission Fees

One person

Adults(High school students and older) 1200 yen
Children(From 4 years old to Junior high school students) 400 yen
Under 3 years old Free

General group admission fees

Adults(High school students and older) 1000 yen
Children(From 4 years old to Junior high school students) 300 yen
Under 3 years old Free
  • *Displayed admission fees are required amount of money per person.
  • *Admission fees are tax-inclusive prices.
  • *Admission fees for group are applied to parties with more than 15 people.
  • *Children from 4 years old are counted as group members.

Parking lot

Free*Available capacity for up to 1000 cars

  • *Anyone wishing to re-enter must receive a re-entry certificate from our staff and show it when entering again.
    Furthermore, admission fees may be charged again in case of not having re-entry certificate.

Business Hours

Business Hours Opening Hour Closed(April ~ September) Closed(October ~ March)
Weekdays 9:30 17:00 17:00
Saturdays, Sundays
and Public Holidays
9:30 17:30 17:00
  • *Park is closed every third Tuesday of the month from December to February.
  • *The last entry is 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • *There is time variation on Golden week and Christmas.
  • *Occasionally, some shops may be closed on the day of your visit. Please confirm in advance.
  • *Business hours could be changed due to some circumstances, so please ask for more details.


Introduction about animals of England Hill.

Not only rare species of koalas in Japan but also rabbits from all over
the world, along with sheep running around
vast pasture can be found
in England Hill. They are welcoming all of you.

  • Koala House

  • Rabbit Burrow

  • Rabbit Country

  • Wallaby Square

  • Large Greenhouse

  • Bird Cage
    ~ Flying Forest ~

  • Colorful House

  • Sheep Country


Flowers blooming in their fullness according to
four seasons are like a masterpiece.

You can take a leisurely stroll while feasting your eyes on huge flower fields
where many flowers are blooming
in their fullness harmonizing with four
seasons of Japan. Besides, everyone can enjoy seasonal flowers both in
botanical large greenhouse and rock garden.


  • Original species of Tulips

    Little tulips bloom fully in every corner of rock garden.

    Flowering time: Around late March

  • Nemophila

    Hundred thousand nemophilas cover whole surface and flutter in the cool spring breeze.

    Flowering time: Early April to Mid-May

  • Rose Garden

    Approximately 116 species You can see 679 mid-sized-flower rosebushes.

    Flowering time: Early May to Early June

  • Aira Tobi-kazura

    This distinctive flower grows only in limited places in Japan.

    Flowering time: Around late April


  • Sunflowers

    As a special feature of summer, the scenery of fifty thousand sunflowers in their full bloom is breathtaking.

    Flowering time: Around Mid-August


  • Cosmos

    Hundred thousand vivid pink, red and white flowers blossom with their full glory.

    Flowering time: Around November

  • Rose Garden

    Approximately 116 species You can see 679 mid-sized-flower rosebushes.

    Flowering time: October to November


  • Winter blooming Tulips

    Enjoy ten thousand tulips blooming in the middle of winter with few flowers.

    Flowering time: Around late January

Experience Activity

Let’s create unforgettable memories in England Hill

You can experience in harvesting seasonal vegetables such as onions
and tomatoes which are known as Awaji
Island’s local specialties.
Strawberry picking is a popular harvesting experience (Late December
to June). You
can pick several types of strawberries and then taste to
compare the differences of each variety.




  • ・Onions
  • ・Tomatoes
  • ・Mini-tomatoes
  • ・Strawberries
  • ・Okra
  • ・Green peppers
  • ・Eggplants
  • ・Corn
  • ・Sweet potatoes
  • ・Radishes
  • ・Chinese cabbages
  • ・Lettuce
  • ・Strawberries

*The harvest items vary depending on seasons. The reception will end once harvest items are all picked.

*The harvest items vary depending on seasons.
The reception will end once harvest items are all picked.

Making experience

In our Hands-on classroom, a complete menu is prepared for all of
you to participate in just by hands.
The most favorite choices
include bread making and butter making. Seasonally limited ice
cream making
option is also in popularity. Moreover, we are also
carrying out gel candles making in which you can
arrange pieces
of ornamental glass according to your preference.

Event Time
Craft Experience 10:00~15:00
Food Experience The content and time of the event
will vary depending on the day.

*Telephone reservations are not available for all experiences.
Receptions are made on a first-come, first- served basis on the day and at the place of the event.


Easy bread making by shaping the dough after the primary fermentation.You can make bread of any shape you like such as cute animals.

Ice cream (June to September)

The temperature of ice water drops to -20℃ by adding salt to ice. You can experience in making Awaji Island’s milk ice cream while enjoying the occurrence of temperature change.*This making session is designed for 2-person group or 3-person group.

Gel CandlesBread

From small children can also take part in this activity. Just choose your favorite items from dozens of types of glasswork and then arrange them by various colored sand to make your own candles.


Fill the bottle with multicolored dried flowers by clear liquid for interior decoration. The effect on healing of colorful flowers is really awesome.


Children’s popular playground
equipment is well-prepared.

Open spaces where kids can enjoy playing go-karts, wacky bicycles and
horse riding are loved by children.


Aqua Roll

Cycle Boats

Wacky bicycles


Horse riding

Bumper Boats

Grand Golf


Koala Maze

Air Jumper



An elaborate menu using Awaji island’s sourced ingredients is ready to satisfy you.

You can taste the menu of local gourmet with authentic
ingredients of Awaji Island such as “Awaji Island
Beef Bowl”,
“Awaji Island Burger”, “Awaji Island Raw Young Sardines Bowl”
(Seasonally Limited).
Additionally, you can enjoy both homemade
soft ice cream and homemade sausages.

Awaji Island Beef Bowl

Awaji Island Burger

Awaji Island
Raw Young Sardines Bowl
(Limited from Mid-April to November)

Stone Oven Pizza

Koala Soft Ice Cream

Our original homemade products

Introduce to you our homemade products which are only available
in our park Highly recommended souvenirs!

Sausages made with Awaji Island’s brand meat called “Ebisu Mochi Pork” is
first in rank of popularity!!
Pudding and yogurt made from milk that embraces plenty of Awaji Island’s
blessings. We are selling
freshly baked bread changing from day to day.

Sales shops

  • ●Koala Tencho no Omiyageyasan _ Koala Manager’s Souvenir Shop
  • ●Famazu Oishi Kobo_ Farmers’ Delicious Workshop

*Bread is sold only at “Farmers’ Delicious Workshop”


  • Address
    Postal code: 656-0443
    1401 Yagiyogikami, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Telephone


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